Instagram Quick Tips

Everyone on Instagram loves a good #flatlay – that’s a cluster of items laid flat and shot from above for the uninitiated – and no one knows that better than Hong Kong IG queen Emma Lauren, who has built up a dedicated fanbase of over 27,000 followers thanks to her beautiful flat lay lifestyle photos.

In addition to blogging at Dog & Pony Vintage, Emma also uses her Instagram to style and shoot social media images for other brands – so who better to give us some quick tips on taking the perfect flat lay photo?


For bright clear photos, utilise natural light and take your photos during the daytime.

Chose a clean basic background, such as a white desk, wood floor or table. If you don’t have a plain surface get creative – white bed-sheets can make a great canvas or try some mah-jong paper from the craft store.

Stick to a colour theme for your photo; chose items in similar shades to create a more curated and beautiful image.

Choose one key piece to use as a central focus and then build around that.

When using your iPhone, always shoot in square mode – after all, there is nothing worse than when you have taken an amazing photo and then realising you have to crop half of it out!

Most importantly, take photos of what you love – it’s the easiest way to be inspired.