DPM’s smart technology tailors the most supportive mattress to your body

How do you choose the right mattress? Most people will do so based on personal perception or by initial impressions after trying it out in the store.

With the right mattress you are comfortable whichever position you sleep in. However, most mattresses only provide a single level of firmness, resulting in very little support – and an uncomfortable night’s sleep.

Take a look at the image on a single level of firmness mattress.

Slamberland copy
This scan shows the lack of support on a single level of firmness mattress, and over-pressure on back and hips

Now compare it to the image of support offered by DPM Point-to-Point mattresses. This is captured on DPM’s advanced Point-to-Point Sensor System, shown in the main photo at the top. See the difference? This is because DPM Point-to-Point mattresses give you complete support exactly where you need it.

DPM copy
DPM pinpoints the difference to specifically custom-fit your Point-to-Point mattress for full support

This is assessed by DPM’s advanced Point-to-Point Sensor System, which scans your body to detect pressure points and uses scientific measurements to relieve pressure points and perfectly customise your mattress to your body and sleeping habits.

Get your “Point-to-Point Sensor System” measurements for free directly in DPM specialty shops.

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