Editor’s Picks: Elevated allure

The Scandinavian aesthetic of less-is-more minimalism may have reigned in the design world over the past few years, but as the seasons change, it’s time to move away from playing it safe to bravely celebrating your joyful individuality. Being one of the most versatile and sophisticated materials, velvet can easily infuse glamour into any space. Pair it with deep jewel tones or bright bold colours for a one-of-a-kind visual experience, with surprising details hidden in every nook.

Even for those less familiar with such flourish in their interiors, you needn’t shy away from taking the plunge into the bolder side – you can always easily alter the depth of the mood by properly selecting the colour of your velvet and the way you furnish the space. Get creative and take some inspiration from the following pages for a covetable abode.

Sé’s By The Trees stool, Archetypal, $15,840
Versailles coaster (Set of 4), Jonathan Adler, $530
Charade Capsule daybed, Jonathan Adler, $21,450
Turner sconce, Jonathan Adler, $4,641
Marble bowl, Broste Copenhagen, $887
Watering pot, AYTM, price upon request

Cheat sheet

Before investing in a big piece of velvet furniture such as a sofa or an ottoman, start simply with a velvet duvet and pillow for a luxurious, inviting vibe.

Make sure the colours you choose are able to stay sophisticated through the years – think muted tones.

Balance is the key to a tasteful blend of velvets and bold shades in a space; couple accent decor pieces with neutral furnishings for dramatic, curated looks.

Banner image courtesy of BoConcept
Top image courtesy of TREE