Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Petra Island is for sale

A unique opportunity has arisen to purchase an island with not one, but two properties designed by one of the world’s most iconic architects, Frank Lloyd Wright. Petra Island sits on the serene waters of Lake Mahopac just 47 miles or a short 15-minute helicopter ride from New York City (the main house has its own helipad for this very purpose). The rugged terrain of the 11-acre heart-shaped island provides the perfect terrain for Wright’s famed modernist American aesthetic.

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The rumour goes that Wright designed one house for a client, who then ran out of funding, forcing him to build a much smaller cottage than planned. Years later, the island’s then-owner found the original plans and decided to build a second residence according to the original specifications found in drawings and floorplans left behind by the architect. Although not overseen by Wright himself, the building bears many of his signature stylistic elements. Its position on the edge of a lake is reminiscent of  Wright’s most famous design, Fallingwater House, as are the broad horizontal planes, skylights and geometric woodwork.

Wright’s innovative organic architecture and experimentation with concrete and wood, which were new materials back in the 1930s, have made him a household name and one of architecture’s most revered professionals. A pioneer of natural modernism, his designs were the some of the first to integrate architecture into the landscape, with his buildings often appearing to emerge organically from their environments , a style which has been repeated by designers across the globe. With most of his properties owned by design enthusiasts, Petra Island offers a once in a lifetime chance to purchase a piece of architectural history.


Images courtesy of Chilton and Chadwick