Decadent designs: 4 of the most eye-catching appointments

Whether conceived by one of the world’s best designers or made from the finest materials available, lavish appointments often come with a hefty price tag. We have scoured the world of interior design to bring you a list of some of the most exclusive furniture you could use to decorate you home.

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The Savior No 1 Khangi Limited Edition Bed by Tengri x Saviour Beds

As the bed chosen to occupy the Royal Suite in The Savoy, The Savior No 1 Khangi Limited Edition Bed by Tengri and Savior Beds offers unparalleled levels of comfort. Made with sustainably sourced yaks wool, hand-combed from yaks from the Khangi region, the fibres are as soft as cashmere and warmer than merino wool, hypoallergenic and resistant to odours and water. Each bed takes more than 120 hours to make by the expert craftsmen at Savior beds and is the epitome of sleep luxury.

Rock Crystal Bathtub by Baldi Home Jewels

Not content with bubbles and candles? Baldi Home Jewels’ Rock Crystal bathtub is proof that bath time can be elevated to new levels of indulgence. Carved out of a single piece of crystal sourced from the Amazon rainforest, each tub weighs about 10,000 kgs. By keeping the outer part rough, the design retains the natural beauty of the crystal. Since debuting in Harrods in 2010, the tubs have been commissioned to take pride of place in luxury properties across the globe, including the Palm Jumierah Dubai.

Gold Skull Armchair by Harrow

Inspired by the Mayan legend of the crystal skulls, Harrow's GOLD Skull Armchair has been meticulously designed to look like a faceted diamond. Primitively brutal yet contemporary and sophisticated, it's more modern art piece than item of furniture. This edition features a fibreglass body covered in 24 carat gold and carries a whopping US$500,000 price tag.

The Slab Table by BDDW

The Slab Table by BDDW consists of one solid slab of walnut that's been beautifully fashioned into an organic dining table. Sitting atop a bronze wishbone-shaped base, each table is unique and crafted from specially selected wood. With a simple oil finish this striking slice of nature adds a rustic-chic touch to any living area.

Feature Image courtesy of Baldi
Highlight Image courtesy of Harow