Jaime Hayon’s design for the Barcelo Torre de Madrid hotel is a sleek new vision of Spain

As a native Madrileño, Jaime Hayon was the perfect designer to create the interiors of the Barcelo Torre de Madrid hotel, which opened its doors just this year. Housed within the Tower of Madrid, the project presented a unique opportunity for Hayon to create a new vision of Spain that’s a far cry from his hometown’s traditional aesthetic.

Taking an undeniably modern approach within the 63 year old building, he filled the hotel with furniture by leading European designers and tasteful, quirky touches such as a striped bear that welcomes guests at the entrance. Also peppered throughout the hotel are subtle references to Spanish heritage: photography depicting iconic Spanish cultural images such as flamenco dancers and bullfighters; window frames inlaid with historic emblems in brass; jewel-like tones that hint at Moorish influences. Even the bear is a quiet nod to Madrid’s coat of arms.

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By tipping his hat to history, Hayon has created a beautiful hotel that is unmistakably Spanish, but owes as much to the Spain of today as to the one of its past.

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