Q&A with Tai Ping’s Jean-Pierre Tortil

For the past six decades, custom handmade and woven carpet manufacturer Tai Ping has created pieces that have graced the floors of some of the most prestigious residences, boutiques, hotels, and private jets and yachts around the world. We speak to their global creative director, Jean-Pierre Tortil, for an insider look on the company’s latest collections and design insights.

Amalgam I from Bloom collection

What’s the rationale behind Tai Ping’s new bespoke collection, Bloom?
Bloom comprises 14 handmade wool and silk rugs designed in collaboration with Jeff Leatham, artistic director of the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris. We achieved contrast and juxtaposition through different shades of deep-saturated wool and silk. Colour gradation, a hallmark of Tai Ping, features prominently in the collection. Different piles, knots and yarns are contrasted to create a variegated field that invites one to touch.

Nexus I from Bloom collection

You invited different designers to create pieces for your new collection, Edition One. Could you share the inspiration behind your design, Parcours?
The inspiration came from the interior design projects I handled in Finland; a furniture collection I created a few years ago inspired by Scandinavian style – characterized by pure and balanced lines. Nature is peaceful and simple, and I would like to express that in the form of rugs.

What do you foresee being the latest design trend?
We’ve noticed vibrant and creative designs as well as a mix of geometric and watercolours, seen in our Cold Cut Coasters – a fun collaboration with Chen Chen and Kai Williams – which have been very popular. There is also a growing demand for rich textures, which our future designs will reflect.

Opalescent I from Bloom collection

Tropical Flowers I from Bloom collection

Traversal III from Bloom collection

How do rugs and carpets help set the tone for home interiors?
I recommend having a rug in each room adapted to the specific purpose of the space. I feel that a space with no carpet feels unfinished. For the living room, I suggest using large area rugs with patterns and colours that cover the floor beyond the sofas so as to maximise the sense of spaciousness. In the bedroom, I prefer using wall-to-wall versions in silk in a subtle palette. Kid’s rooms should be colourful and fun, while TV rooms can be more masculine. Adorned with a carpet design adapted to its shape, a staircase can also be a focal point of the house.

Name a place that you find the most inspiring.
Shanghai. It’s an energetic city where business, fashion and art interweave. It never stops changing for the better, and that’s a very uplifting phenomenon to see. Another favourite city of mine is Los Angeles. It’s a sophisticated place injected with an artsy-cool vibe.

Marie Bastide's Ladies Meringue rug for Edition One collection

Han Feng's Ran Chrysanthemum rug for Edition One collection

Jean-Pierre Tortil's Parcours Meringue rug for Edition One collection

Jean-Pierre Tortil, Tai Ping’s global creative director

All images courtesy of Tai Ping.