Tom Dixon and Piet Hein Eek partner with IKEA for exciting 2018 collaborations

Already an established home decor brand in Hong Kong thanks to its Hollywood Road flagship store as well as various hospitality projects around town, Tom Dixon is set to infiltrate our homes even further thanks to a covetable collaboration with Swedish furniture giant IKEA. The new collection, named DELAKTIG (or “involvement” in Swedish), emphasises the ability to configure a self-described “platform for living” to your own satisfaction.

The platform in question begins as a single bed that can be modified to become a sofa and armchair or a lounge chair, while supplemental items include the detachable BOOM reading light as well as a magazine rack and a side table that attach directly to the DELAKTIG’s aluminum frame. The design is perfect for Hong Kong’s tight spaces, maximising usage out of a single item and thus prolonging its lifetime as owners choose to upsize or downsize their living arrangements.

In other news, Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek continues his ongoing collaboration with IKEA in the form of the INDUSTRIELL collection, which takes on a decidedly more rustic aesthetic with the use of natural reworked woods and seemingly handmade qualities, extending through a range of furniture, ceramics, kitchenware and household fabrics.

Conceived along the concept of “handmade mass-produced,” Eek’s designs incorporate details such as multiple molds for a ceramic vase to inject imperfection, and machined fabric weaves for tea towels deliberately made to seem hand-woven.

The DELAKTIG system is already available in Europe for $400 USD (approximately $3,130 HKD) with no word yet on an Asian release. However, the INDUSTRIELL collection will be releasing globally in April.