B30 epitomises creative re-use of a heritage structure

Granting heritage structures new life is always a struggle. The spirit of the building must be preserved, but it also needs to be adapted to modern needs, allowing people to use the space rather than simply appreciating its historical value. Dutch architecture studio KAAN Architecten were able to do just that with their award-winning transformation of B30 (Bezuidenhoutseweg 30) in The Hague.

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Built in 1917 and renovated in 1994, the building now houses five different users, including Dutch government departments and independent planners. The ground floor is open and inviting thanks to a series of skylights. Comprising a restaurant, cafe, and library as well as various meeting rooms, this floor is pulled together with an atrium whose mosaic floor pattern was created by Dutch artist Rob Birza. While boasting a minimalist, contemporary aesthetic, the interiors also evoke the historical nature of the building.

Explore the beautiful space by swiping through our slideshow below:


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Photography: Sebastian van Damme