How designer Caroline Legrand created her vintage-vibed holiday home in Ibiza

“The energy of the place is truly magical,” says Caroline Legrand of her home on the hip island of Ibiza. “Every day when I meditate at the heart of the land, I feel deeply grateful that I am custodian of this little piece of paradise.” Set in a tranquil oasis of scented pines, swaying palms and perfumed orange blossom, Can Mimosa – named for its large mimosa trees – is a rare jewel on an island known more for its sybaritic lifestyle than for its tranquil refuge. “I feel a deep connection with nature and the earth here,” says Caroline. “I love the trees full of birds, the subtropical flowers and cooking with the produce from my organic vegetable garden.”

Caroline’s vision for her holiday home was clear from the outset. “I wanted to keep the interior cool, in both senses of the word, while keeping an easy connection with the outdoors,” she says. “After all, it’s a summer house – so it had to be light and airy, but avoiding all of that white, super-modern look that’s so popular on the island.” So she did it her way, using a palette of uniform creams and off-whites with ad hoc touches of caramel, tobacco and stone – natural tones and textures that blend together well. 

Desaturated tones, tactile textures and a mixture of traditional and modern materials evoke a timeless refuge.

Caroline's palette suited the monochromatic marble surfaces (Blanco Ibiza, a local marble) that presented an ideal blank canvas for the glam 1970s vintage vibe she envisaged.

Striking vintage pieces, natural materials and local Blanco Ibiza marble create a peaceful atmosphere.

Natural materials and organic fabrics were important additions, too; shaggy rugs, rattan and organic wool curtains, along with cork wallpaper in the cabana, all added warmth and a certain retro quirkiness.

Cork wallcoverings echo the impressive trees standing watch over the abode.

Tarnished-gold accents add a bohemian opulence to the cabana.

Just about everything in the home is vintage, mostly from the ’70s, with a little ’60s here and there and a few ’80s pieces in the living room.

With generous alfresco options surrounded by beautiful Balearic forests, Caroline's White Isle retreat is the perfect party pad. 

Untreated wood and rattan lend a charming, slightly rugged appeal to the outdoor dining area.

"I was extremely lucky to see this house first, and was just blown away by the land and the beauty of the gardens," Caroline says.