Enjoy a sip of bespoke cocktails at J.Boroski

Located in the heart of Central down a dark alley and behind an unassuming entrance (look out for the scarab beetle graffiti), J.Boroski invites you to leave any preconceptions at the door. Once inside, pull back the leather curtains and you are greeted by a seductive, intimate space with curves where there should be corners that soften an otherwise decidedly masculine environment. As your eyes adjust to the low light they’ll undoubtedly be drawn to the ceiling – one half of which is decorated with a phalanx of scarab beetles.

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The interior is the work of Australian designer Ashley Sutton, the man who is also behind the otherworldly aesthetics of Iron Fairies and Ophelia, both of which, along with J.Boroski, came to Hong Kong courtesy of Dining Concepts. Ashley is a master of creating visual wonderlands, and J.Boroski was conceived to reflect the passions of the man after which it is named: science, the study of insects and, of course, cocktails.

The Sex Sells cocktail post-transformation

Scarab beetles adorn the back wall behind the bar

The exceptional setting by Australian designer Ashley Sutton


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