Moodboard of the Month: Wingki Kwok

Before her adventurous venture into the art field, Wingki Kwok was one of the most recognised faces on television. The former TVB news anchor stepped out of the spotlight and reignited her long-lost passion for painting three years ago. Focusing on watercolour fashion and portrait illustrations, the sought after Hong Kong-based artist is famed for her elegant and sophisticated take on a range of subjects. Having collaborated with some of the most internationally renowned brands such as ELEMENTS, Lane Crawford, Louis Vuitton and Kate Spade, Wingki has undoubtedly come a long way to where she stands today. She shares with us her inspirations, from her favourite works and a great read to her preferred restaurant in town.

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Which painting are you most proud of so far?

I am actually still striving to work on an illustration which everyone enjoys unanimously. Personally, my best effort would be the one I created for ELEMENTS’ 10th anniversary. For this project, I painted two stylish women who enjoy travelling and exploring the city. To celebrate this special occasion, I tried to create a joyful atmosphere for the two characters, which reflects my impression of ELEMENTS – a place that celebrates style, elegance and warmth. 

Any recent visits that have inspired you?

I just came back from London for an illustration course and I got to check out the National Portrait Gallery while I was there. It was utterly inspiring to appreciate the exceptional techniques, styles and colours applied by different artists.

Name your favorite book of the month.

I like this book called Afterword 2nd Edition by Masahisa Fukase. The Japanese photographer tells the loss of his cat Sasuke through his moving photography. It’s such a beautiful mix of memories and emotions. I particularly enjoy this kind of realistic, documentary stories backed by different cultural aspects, which also serve as one of my main sources of inspirations.  

Which dining space is your favourite go-to?

One of the best locations would be ELEMENTS’ Civic Square, which offers an array of options including a steakhouse, an Italian restaurant and more. I also enjoy outdoor al fresco dining – it’s extra soothing to chill under the sun.

Your favorite place to visit in your neighbourhood?

I live in Shatin close to the Shing Mun River. I go there for a long stroll when I’m stressed and eager for a break.

Image courtesy of Pingz Man