New West: The freshest cafes to check out in Sai Wan

Hong Kong’s artisanal coffee boom has been well underway for years now, but it’s only in the past few months that we’ve seen a flurry of innovative cafes open their doors in Sai Wan district. We take a look at the newest of this crop, all making for the perfect place to people watch, enjoy some great coffee, and unwind on the weekend.

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Image courtesy of @luci.leung


This painfully stylish cafe is a spinoff of a minimalist fashion boutique in Beijing. Featuring a coffee bar on the ground floor, additional seating on the first floor and a light-filled fashion and home goods boutique along with an exhibition space on the second, Anchoret's restrained interior and white neon sign that reads "Welcome" in Chinese has had the city's fashionistas flocking to take that perfect Instagram shot. Don't miss out on their signature Black Velvet shaken coffee drink as well as pastries by Good Good Grocery.

2A Second St
Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

Image courtesy of @aumaniau


Inhabiting a narrow lot in the cafe hotspot of Sai Ying Pun, Detour's soft orb lighting, cosy interior and bar seating encourage casual gatherings. The cafe sources its espresso beans from New Zealand cult favourite roastery Allpress, while its pastries come from Happy Valley's resident Australian bakery Proof. Also on offer are a selection of savoury sandwiches.

Shop A, 35-37 First St
Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

Image courtesy of @agy__ss

Time to Eat

Those looking for one-of-a-kind eats can head to Time to Eat, a small Japanese eatery in Sai Ying Pun opened by four sisters. Sourcing all their ingredients from mom-and-pop stores in the neighborhood, Time to Eat's signature dishes include the truffle egg cloud toast (seen above), eel tamagoyaki (grilled egg), and ice cream and parfait toast. The menu also has space for a selection of homemade sodas and noodle dishes.

83 Third St
Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

Image courtesy of @foodandtravelhk

Cafe 34T

So named for its street number, Cafe 34T is tucked away in a quiet Sheung Wan street and attracts coffee aficionados for its pour-over and siphon coffees. If you're looking for something more unconventional, the cafe's passionfruit iced teas and matchagato (matcha and affogato) will sate your appetite for novelty. The food menu also features a robust selection of brunch dishes and house baked goods.

34 Tung St
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Image courtesy of @supertastermel

Inferno Dynamics Coffee Roastery

While their bright pink neon sign that reads "Drink Naked Coffee" might attract passers-by off the street into its concept cafe, its Inferno Dynamics' small-batch, locally roasted beans sourced from as far afield as Ethiopia and Colombia that keep them coming back. Meanwhile, the sleek Modbar brewing system that hides all the bulky machinery under the marble counter lends the cafe a polished aesthetic, leaving more space to show off the Kickstarter-funded Trinity One filtered coffee machines.

13 Peel St,
Central, Hong Kong