Sublimotion luxury dining experience

Started in 2012 as a research project by two-Michelin-starred chef Paco Roncero, Sublimation was intended as the ultimate dining experience. Blending technology with gastronomy, Paco wanted to create theatrical dining.

The multi-sensory journey is an invitation-only experience consisting of a single white dining room set with a table for 12 lucky diners. Using 360 projections and VR technology, Sublimotion literally takes the diner on a journey with their food – from space to Central Park, the experience changes with every course.

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The food itself is equally innovative, think edible paper, nitrogen frozen paper and popcorn in unrecognisable forms. Paco says he wanted to create a space, rather than a restaurant, which connected all five senses. He told the New York Post“We play with emotions, the senses, the set, the aromas, and the taste to be able to create absolutely unique experiences with each scene.”

sublimotion 3e

This year the ‘restaurant’ is in its fourth season, enlisting the help of professionals from theatre, illusion, fashion and illustration, as well as a bespoke soundtrack composed by a renowned film composer. Underneath the theatre lies real skill and culinary talent, with a team of chefs that boasts eight Michelin stars between them.

Each season offers new treats, with past incarnations including edible tickets, plucking food from thin air and levitating deserts. As technology improves and the world of augmented reality expands there are numerous ways the ‘restaurant’ can grow and change. But with a notoriously long wait list, you will have to wait your turn to find out how.