Celebrate Easter with this terrazzo egg step-by-step guide by Berinmade

Having founded London-based stationary and design studio BerinMade at the age of 25, Erin Hung has made a career out of sharing her imaginative DIY creations with the world. With Easter upon us, Erin has shared this DIY guide on how to combine your average egg with the hottest interior design aesthetic of recent seasons past.

Terrazzo, if you haven’t heard, is the unsung hero of surfaces making its mighty comeback from the ’70s. Once drab and muted, it’s swapped its bygone appearance with brighter, more exotic colour combinations, spotted everywhere from kitchen countertops, to decor items and flooring. Here in our studio, we are finding every excuse to decorate our surfaces in the chic pattern.

With Easter coming up, our colour-speckled minds cannot help but think of how brilliant eggs would look with this very pattern as well.


Drained eggs (or false versions)
Gouache paints
Assorted small brushes


1. Pick a base colour for your egg. Muted colours are best. Paint one coat, let dry and paint another coat.

2. When it’s completely dry, it’s time to speckle! We used a darker version of the base colour for the “base speckles” to give the pattern some depth without it getting too busy.

3. Start painting shapes with a small brush. Terrazzo is made from chips of marble, quartz, granite or glass compressed onto a flat surface, so the shapes should have jagged and irregular angles, as well as small or large pieces as if smashed with a hammer. Paint these on sparingly, starting with big shapes all around the egg, then dotting in the smaller shapes all around the egg again.

4. Pick contrasting colours for the rest of the print. I suggest two neutral colours (ochre, tan, etc) and one accent colour (something that contrasts your base colour). With each colour, repeat the method in step 3.

Top tip: Make sure there is enough space in between the splotches for a convincing effect.

Photos: Jason To
Additional styling: Megan Tan