George Lucas’ MAD Architects-designed museum to land in Los Angeles

When famed Star Wars creator George Lucas decided to launch a museum dedicated to his passion for art collecting – The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, to house a collection of art and memorabilia – he was soon embarking on an uphill battle. Seeking a home for the museum became a decade-long process that resulted in the selection of Chicago’s lakefront, only for those plans to be axed last summer after heated debates with conservationists.

Now, the search is finally over. This Tuesday, the museum’s board of directors announced that the museum would open in Exposition Park in Los Angeles, beating out fellow Californian city San Francisco for the US$1 billion project.

Ma Yansong, of Beijing-based architecture firm MAD Architects, devised two potential designs depending on the city that would be selected. The final, spaceship-like design features a futuristic aesthetic and the organic, sinuous lines for which firm is known. The 275,000sqft space will comprise a rooftop garden, parks, theatres, a restaurant and copious library space, in addition to the 10,000 illustrations and paintings by the likes of Norman Rockwell, NC Wyeth and Robert Crumb. The museum site will be adjacent to the California Science Center, which houses the Space Shuttle Endeavor among its exhibitions and programming.