Sophomore Year: 9 Chinese Sculptors Reunite for Exhibition After 30 Years

When Exchange Square opened in 1985, developer Hongkong Land celebrated the momentous occasion with the gathering of nine prominent contemporary Chinese sculptors who were invited to show their works at the first-ever art exhibition to take place in The Rotunda – an atrium within the complex that has since become a popular venue for the arts in the heart of the city’s financial hub.

Fast forward three decades, and Exchange Square has become a fixture of the city’s landscape. In commemoration of that first gathering of artistic luminaries, Hongkong Land invited them to congregate again for the “Reunion” exhibition some three decades later to showcase 26 pieces of art, in a comprehensive edit of the current condition of contemporary Chinese sculpture.

The pieces will be available to the public for viewing at The Rotunda between October 24 to November 16, from 9am to 7pm daily.

Crab #4 by Cheung Yee
Sitting in the Park All Days by Chu Hing-Wah
Living World Series by Ju Ming
Mingle of Shapes by Aries Lee
Congee, Rice Noodles and Rice by Rosanna Li
Four Seasons 1 by Mak Yee-fun