Trudon: world’s oldest candlemaker launches its first line of fragrances

Anyone with even a passing interest in home fragrances will be familiar with Cire Trudon. The storied candlemaker has been in business since 1643 and its candles have been coveted by everyone from Louis 15th to Napoleon Bonaparte, not to mention a number of today’s famous faces (Jennifer Connelly has proudly professed her love of the Abd El Kader scent).

Admirers of the brand, including those who’ve taken to wearing its room sprays as fragrances, will be ecstatic to hear that it has just launched its first line of perfumes. Simply named Trudon, the five scents are rooted in the maison’s heritage and explore themes inherent to its identity: royalty, religion and revolution. “It’s a big risk for Cire Trudon, launching a range of perfumes in an industry that is already saturated,” explains the brand’s director, Elodie Herreria. “We really wanted to make sure that we had a logic and coherence in the range and also coherence with Cire Trudon as candles.” To ensure that this was the case, they turned to three trusted perfumers – Antoine Lie, Yann Vasnier and Lyn Harris – each of which was taken to a Parisian landmark, specially selected for its evocative spirit and cultural significance, that would prove to be the inspiration for the aroma that emerged.

Trudon Parfums - Coffret Miniatures ouvert - 300 DPI_RS

Antoine’s aroma, Bruma, speaks to the royal motif, weaving the olfactory narrative of a noble figure escaping the constraints of her ancestry and embracing nature. Olim, one of three perfumes created by Lyn, also addresses the theme of sovereignty with a fragrance that places an emphasis on history, but viewed through a thoroughly modern framework. The fresh pine and juniper scents that make up the heart of Lyn’s second fragrance, II, take on religious ideas of a paradisaical idyll, while her third packs a powerful masculine punch to live up to its name (and inspiration), Révolution. The final fragrance of the five, created by Yann, is Mortel, a sensual, spiced olfactory experience, ideal for the cooler winter months.

In Cire Trudon tradition, not only does the genderless perfume range offer pleasure on the nose, it is also something to behold. Designed by Pauline Deltour, the bottles, which boast rare rippled-glass caps, are inspired by the simple beauty of blocks of crystal and are guaranteed to look stunning on your shelf.

Trudon’s range of fragrances is available exclusively through SHHH on Hollywood Road.