Float in peace on B&B Italia’s SAKé furniture collection

SAKé is the result of a new collaboration between esteemed Italian furniture brand B&B Italia and renowned Italian designer, Piero Lissoni.

“The design comes from the search for lightness,” says Lissoni. “A technological platform, magically suspended in the air like a flying carpet, with cushions added to enclose the borders, and finally, legs to ground it.”

Ultra-modern with well balanced proportions, SAKé comprises modular pieces that can be composed in myriad ways to suit individual tastes and different types of spaces.

Linear armrests and backs provide comfort and style

SAKé evokes the lightness desired by designer Piero Lissoni

SAKé is available in leather or fabric

The sofa comes in three different sizes – 175cm, 210cm, and 270cm – with a quilted detail, and armrests and backs in various styles. This is complemented by a chaise lounge that can be paired with the sofa or used as a standalone piece.

The collection also has a sofa bed – the only one in the B&B Italia collection – with armrests that double-up as headboards.

“For me, SAKé is a platform on which to float in peace. But it is also a sofa,” Lissoni concludes.


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