How an architect and his wife created an environmentally-friendly home

Stepping into Kevin Chu and his wife Giulia Dibonaventura’s airy and open abode is like falling in love. Everything feels just right – the colours are in perfect harmony, the composition of the furniture and accessories flows, and as your eyes are drawn across the calming sea views of the marina, you feel completely at peace. Sustainable materials fill the space and seamlessly integrate the outdoor surrounds with the interiors, resulting in a relaxing vibe that runs throughout.

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This eco-conscious couple, who designed their home together, wanted to make sure the space reflected their lifestyle. Born and raised in Italy, Giulia was familiar with recycling from a young age, when everything was given a second life before it was thrown away. As an architect and founder of COC Design – a firm that specialises in ecological design – Kevin shares that ever since COC was awarded a prize for conceptual architecture focusing on the environment in 2011, he has been moving more and more in this direction. Therefore, when they bought this apartment, it was only natural that they wanted the design to be as environmentally-friendly as possible.


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Photography: Edgar Tapan