Quirky accents and bold colours revive this 800sqft family home

An old family home has been refreshed with a splash of colour against neutral, natural textures.

“The owner has three children,” describes Ray Cheng, director of Impression Design Workshop, who worked on the redesign of the 800sqft apartment. “They requested a natural aesthetic that feels comfortable, while expressing their love towards their children.”


With predominant base colours of chestnut, light stone and a cloak of forest green in the living room, Cheng and his team created a neutral enough canvas against which youthful splashes of colour and quirky touches can sit with a pop.

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Take a peek into the revived abode as described by the designer, in his own words, in the gallery below.

"The spacious living room is full of playfulness, serving as a space for connection and relaxation. We turned the owner's daughter's painting into a mosaic that imbues the home with a very personal flavour, preserving a moment from the children's youth. "

On some of the challenges encountered: "We had to simultaneously fulfil the needs of the children as well as the tastes and style of the owner. We wanted to combine contemporary elements with playful designs to reflect the owner's personality."

On the home's updated look: "The style of the house is unique with minimalist forms, precise and natural materials, and characterful details."

"The design meshes several colour and material combinations to enrich and diversify the space."

"We also added visual interest through minimalist construction and artisanal techniques, striking a balance between liveliness and simplicity."

On design risks: "We took a risk in using brighter colours to create contrast, and coaxed in natural light to create a warmer, more comfortable atmosphere."

"We also reorganised the floor plan and incorporated curved corners to create a softer and smoother aesthetic."


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