This designer’s 3,000sqft Guangdong apartment is a showcase of flexible minimalism

An interior designer’s home is often the best representation of their aesthetic and values.

Take the case of Huang Jiexin, founder of Guangdong-based JAMD Architecture, whose 3,000sqft apartment in the city of Jieyang is an exercise in flexible minimalism. Featuring a material palette of delustred French marbles, matte painted panels, European oak woods and tinted glass, the residence showcases his “less is more” approach to life and design and eschews any superfluous adornments, instead shifting the focus to the textural richness of the chosen materials.


Scroll through the gallery below to learn more about this home in the designer’s own words.

The space features a palette with beige as the major hue. Beige marbles endow the space with a minimalist, natural and elegant style.

Different colours were utilised in a coordinated and ingenious manner in the overall interior design.

Meanwhile, decorative logs and black furnishings add an artistic atmosphere to the space.

Cabinets in neutral colours subtly hide storage, appliances and mechanical systems, which allows continuity in major living spaces and corridors.

In this way, cabinets installed in the space not only serve the function of storage but also improve spatial flexibility. What’s more, the open kitchen and the dining area together make the space look broader.

Large French windows introduce natural light and scenery into the space, filling the whole space with sunshine.

Soft and ample natural light moves around the space and stretches it, thus generating the perfect proportions to create a delightful visual experience.

In the master bedroom, a Rever king-sized bed from Poliform is matched with a Malta freestanding bathtub from AXENT.

All in all, the project not only functions as a residence but also shows a lifestyle. The minimalist design appears plain at the first glance, but when time is taken to appreciate it, its charm will inevitably reveal itself.

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Photography: Xiao En