Step inside Marimekko CEO Tiina Alahuhta-Kasko’s vibrant Helsinki home

When one thinks of Marimekko, bold graphic designs and an ingenious use of colour naturally come to mind. Founded in 1951, the Finnish textile and clothing design company has been actively promoting a unique way of living and a freedom of mind through its home furnishings and fashion items. Much like the brand itself, the Helsinki home of Marimekko’s CEO, Tiina Alahuhta-Kasko, is brimming with a vibrant combination of textures, shades and patterns – and on top of all that, it’s her affection for everyday life.

“Our home is our nest – a sanctuary we furnished and decorated ourselves, a place intertwined with comfort, warmth and character,” Tiina says, beaming as she speaks of the abode she shares with her husband, Antti, and their dog, Topi. “While it makes a perfect spot for us to relax and enjoy downtime together, it’s also ideal to invite friends and family over for dinner or simply spending quality time.”

Located in the heart of southern Helsinki, Tiina’s haven is surrounded by the shimmering sea and the picturesque Kaivopuisto Park – it’s a sought-after neighbourhood where the natural scenery and impactful architecture collide. Apart from its exceptional geographical advantage, what drew Tiina’s attention to this apartment was its lightness and openness. “It gives you room to breathe, and that grants me ultimate freedom and inspiration to create a home that feels like our own,” she says. “It’s really important to reflect my husband’s and my individual styles, as well as our shared aesthetics.”

To realise their vision, Tiina and her husband created a minimalistic interior in their two-bedroom apartment, which serves as a base for many more decorative accents to come. “It’s fun to play with simple interiors, as we are allowed to pair our timeless earth-toned appointments with punches of bold prints and shades from Marimekko – take a look at the vibrant cushions on our couch and kitchen bar stools, as well as the colourful tablecloth and a beautiful mix of ceramics in Marimekko patterns,” says Tiina.

“To me, the essence of a dream home is a place filled with meaningful objects that bring great memories,” she continues. “Other than that, I also love creating contrast with graphic and floral prints to break the pattern of a decoration scheme.” But first and foremost, as Tiina repeatedly emphasises throughout the home tour, the best way to infuse life into a space is to forget the rules – and have fun.

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Photo: Juho Huttunen/Duotone