Villa Geef evokes harmony with Italy’s Rhaetian Alps

The landscape surrounding the northern Italian province of Sondrio is one of immense natural beauty and resourceful human ingenuity, where hostile topographical and climactic conditions have been harnessed by settlers for centuries, transforming the region into one of the country’s most underrated wine regions.

It was these astounding environs that first caught architect Duilio Damilano’s eye when he began working on the design for Villa Geef, a family home located in the foothills of the Rhaetian Alps. “The project was inspired by the mountainous region of Sondrio and the terraced vineyards cultivated on the hills,” explains Duilio. From the outset, it was imperative for both the designer and the client that the residence pays its respects to the spectacular situation. A single-storey structure was quickly decided on, allowing the abode to take full advantage of the breathtaking scenery without having too much of a visual impact on the environment itself.

Designed by Italian architect Duilio Damilano, Villa Geef pays homage to the rugged natural beauty that surrounds it, its clean, horizontal lines echoing the terraced vineyards beyond.

Carefully landscaped gardens, a reflection pool and charcoal-hued architectural details hark back to the snow-capped peaks and terraces of the Rhaetian Alps that envelop Villa Geef. 

Minimal interiors mirror the modernist appeal of the open-plan abode. Walls have been substituted for sliding doors from Rimadesio, allowing space to flow freely and views to remain unobstructed.

From the dining room to the kitchen and living area, the outside world remains the focus of every indoor space via floor-to-ceiling windows and a clever use of materials, including marble, wood and stone.

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Photography: Andrea Martiradonna