These Sleek Gadgets Will Freshen Up Your Air In Minutes

Spring has officially sprung—and with that, so has our penchant for fresh, crisp air that evokes the idea of a glorious full bloom.

Yet city dwellers in Hong Kong know how rare that is to come by. Populated by a copious number of motor vehicles and even more people, the mere necessity of breathing in clean, fresh air in any part of the city—much less within the confines of our residences or any indoor space, where we spend on average 90 per cent of our time in—is a true luxury these days.

Luckily, the market has taken note. A range of indoor air systems and gadgets are on hand to give the air in your indoor spaces a big freshening up. These form-meets-function pieces boast sophisticated, sleek designs and cutting-edge technology which go a long way in removing airborne irritants, allergens and even odours quickly and effectively. These are three that are currently on our radar:

Olfinity IoT smart home indoor air system
The Olfinity smart home air system targets air quality, air purification and aromatherapy all in one

Newly released in Hong Kong earlier this month, the 4-piece Olfinity system gives new meaning to how a beautifully-designed set of home appliance can not only blend into, but also seamlessly uplift, the interiors of a space.

Conceptualised by French trio Olivier, Jean-Christophe and Nicolas, the sleek rose-gold and white exteriors hide a powerful ecosystem that tackles air quality, air purification and essential oil diffusion all on one. Air quality is accessed in real time via an air monitor that can be controlled remotely on any smart device, sending into action a purifier that captures 99.97% of indoor airborne particles and a diffuser for 20-minute aromatherapy sessions using unique essential oils that best serve a particular time of day. 

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Dyson Pure Hot+Cool HP04 Tower Fan
The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool HP04 Tower Fan is the latest release from the home appliance giant

The home appliance giant’s newest release is set to delight homeowners all-year-round with its ability to purify, heat up and also cool down air—a much-welcomed plus for the city’s unpredictable climate. 

Boasting three smart sensors that detect airborne particles and gases in real time—all projected to the user’s Dyson Link app for the homeowner’s easier control—up to 99.95% of microscopic allergens and pollutants can be captured via its filter system alongside a powerful air multiplier that gives over 290-per-second of powerful airflow.

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Molekule Air Purifier
The Molekule Air Purifier makes a statement with its sophisticated, sleek design

It is one thing to look stylish—it is another thing to be endorsed by MoMA (the Museum of Modern Art). That is exactly what the Molekule Air Purifier has done.

Boasting a cutting-edge cylinder design by Peter Riering-Czekalla and crafted in machined aluminium with all-leather accents, this purifier harnesses patented nanotechnology that not only captures but breaks down and thus completely eliminates allergens, mould, airborne chemicals and such that are 1,000 times smaller than those eliminated by traditional HEPA filters.  

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