Discover how this Haussmannian apartment transformed into a modern home

“I was totally infatuated with the curved wall – right from the start, I could picture it covered with beautiful panoramic wallpaper,” recalls Agathe, the owner of this lovely Haussmann-style flat in Paris. She sensed the potential of the apartment when she first laid eyes on it, though at the time it looked pretty worn, as it had not been renovated since the 1960s.

Architect Julie Nabucet was entrusted with the mission of giving the place a new look and lease of life. Her primary challenge was to adapt the flat’s original layout to the requirements of modern family life. For one, the arrangements of the rooms had to be completely revamped to allow for free flow and easy movement. The renovation has resulted in a space with a feminine touch and a refined atmosphere – a direct reflection of the collaboration between the architect and the homeowner.


The Nordic wood table, designed by Romain Jeantet, gives the dining room a convivial feel; the beautiful bench seat was designed by the architect. Hidden behind the large island unit and without floating cabinetry, the kitchen is deliberately discreet.


The curved wall is enhanced by a gorgeous panoramic hand-painted wallpaper, The Garden With The Pink Flamingo, from Ananbô. The peacock blue walls foster an intimate atmosphere; the period-style armchair in the entryway is a family heirloom.

© Julien Fernandez / - Octobre 2015 - Paris - France - L'appartement d'Agathe a Paris.

The architect designed a screen-wall made of solid oak to separate the dining and living rooms.


The master bedroom and the bathroom are separated by a geometrical glass partition.


In the bathroom, copper accents add a glamorous twist to the austere feel of polished concrete. The use of glass makes for a bright bathroom; the taps are from Masalledebain, while the suspensions are from Utzon.


Photography: Julien Fernandez |
Styling: Amandine Berthon |