Simon Chong’s entertaining abode is filled with art

Tastemaker Simon Chong is many things – a cultural guru, a talented force in the interior design profession, a kind soul, and a consummate host. So creative his vision and so attentive he is to detail, that everything he oversees is meticulously planned out and executed to a tee. This residence in Yuen Long, which he purchased five years ago, is no exception. Seeing a potential investment opportunity in the New Territories, Simon initially bought the property thinking he would take his time doing it up. But one day, while Simon was sitting in the living area overseeing some construction work, a large, towering oak tree outside caught his attention. Simon was so mesmerised by the branches and leaves seemingly sheltering his abode that he at once had the revelation that he needed to spend more time in this home away from home. “I realised I could just sit in this spot and stare out at that tree for hours and feel inspired – it’s my favourite part of the home,” Simon reveals. He set out to renovate the space immediately.

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Simon’s main challenge was that he only set aside a moderate budget for the project, so the onus of creating a cohesive, tasteful second home was down to his talent as a curator. He aimed to achieve the right balance of soft furnishings mingled with antiques, lighting and accessories. “I had to go through my warehouse and select my favourite paintings and furniture that would achieve the best combination to fit this space,” he recalls.

Lush greenery characterises Simon Chong's second home.

The living room is a treasure trove of artwork, Chinese and Western antique appointments and beautiful soft furnishings.

Elegant chandeliers, shining artwork, accessories and upholstery mingle to stunning effect in the home.

The indoor dining room is a vision in white.

A lush tree sheltering the abode is Simon's favourite aspect of the home.

Glittering green mosaic adds character in the bathroom.

The bedroom is a soothing oasis.

The gracious host loves entertaining outdoors.

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Photography: Anita Ng and Edgar Tapan
Art direction: May Lau
Production: Emily Leung