Living Room: Meet the Experts!

Tips from designers, David Hicks and Kate Babington:
Rugs are an easy and effective way of decorating a living room. They are essential for framing the area, too
Decide whether your living room will be formal or informal – this will dictate the type of furniture and finishes you choose
Eco-wood furniture is naturally beautiful, and can easily be mixed with other materials and colours

Tips from designer, Nathalie Edwards:
Allow your space to breathe – that is a true luxury in Hong Kong
Furniture made from transparent materials such as Perspex and glass create an illusion of space §
Test out a range of sofas before buying – yours should be as comfortable as possible

Design Dilemmas
Problem: Our flat is very small and our only sitting area is in the kitchen and dining area. How can we create a living room in such a limited space?
Solution: Consider putting a couple of cool armchairs and an ottoman or a loveseat paired with a side table off to one side of your kitchen and dining space. If your floors in the kitchen are tiled, put an area rug to separate the room into zones and add an extra pop of colour.

Problem: My living room only has a window on one side. How do I make it feel lighter and brighter?
Solution: Work with light, bright colours in order to create the illusion of additional light. An all-white look will brighten up a room in no time. Alternatively, pair white with orange and yellow accents, or pale grey and turquoise accents for something a bit more modern. Or you could embrace the lack of light and turn your living room into a cosy cocoon. Paint the room in a dark blue, grey or even black and bring in dark furniture to match. You could add a pop of bright colour, like red or orange, to add depth to the space. To top off this look, bring in accents of copper and bronze – these will add instant warmth.

Problem: My living room is really narrow. How do I fit a sofa in here, plus a coffee table and make it a creative, attractive space at the same time?
Solution: Daybeds tend to be more streamlined than sofas, so opt for the former and accessories with lots of cushions for added comfort. Incorporate a coffee table that doubles as storage – you can have one custom-made to fit your space, or head to Ikea or BoConcept for some clever variations.